HUNt boiler blowdown vessels


PWS Hunt Boilers offer a range of standard vertical blowdown vessels that are used to help ensure that boiler blow down water complies with the pressure, temperature and pollution requirements of relevant authorities

Australian regulations require all blowdown vessels to be designed, manufactured and installed as pressure vessels, even though they are normally vented to atmosphere.

As such, these vessels are manufactured to Australian pressure vessel standards including AS1210, AS3892, AS4458, AS4343 and AS3920 and are suitable for installation and operation throughout Australia.

All external surfaces of the vessels are finished in a high temperature industrial enamel, which provides effective surface protection in most situations.

Selection of the capacity for a blowdown vessel should be based on three times the amount of water discharged from the boiler, for a typical 25mm drop in the gauge glass.


The key features of the product range include:

  • Standard layouts with enough connections for easy installation
  • External mesh guard can be provided for personnel protection
  • Painted external surfaces as a standard feature
  • Well packaged for transportation
  • Stock vessels often available for immediate delivery
  • Other sizes, configurations also available